90th Birthday Celebration

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90th Birthday Celebration


Some people still got it goin’ on, even at a ripe 90 years of age! Last week we were able to cater a big birthday bash in Salt lake. The party was held outside the birthday boy’s beautiful home on a gorgeous summer night

It doesn’t matter whether you’re turning 9 or 90, birthday parties should be filled with friends, family, and FUN! We filled our buffet table with easy-to-eat appetizers spanning a variety of flavors in addition to decorating with bright colors










A Menu of Favorites and Flavors

As we talked about the menu items with our customer we decided to go with tasty, familiar dishes, in addition to adding some with a little more pizazz. That way, it can please the adventurer, the traditionalist, and even the sugar-lover.

First up were our fruit skewers. Interspersed between bright green mint leaves, the skewers feature fresh fruit including strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, watermelon, and honeydew with our handmade citrus fruit dip. This appetizer does not require utensils- perfect for an informal setting!

Next up is the coconut shrimp. These crunchy bites are fried fresh at the venue and served with a sweet-hot chili dipping sauce. This is the best way to eat shrimp and the flavors are so complementary.

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Next on the buffet were two of our Savory favorites: veggie shooters and turkey bacon avocado sliders. We served our little veggies crudities in our glassware with handmade dill dipping sauce. I love the bright colors and different shapes in the shooters. And who doesn’t love turkey bacon avocado? Our slider buns were made fresh that morning and assembled at the event to optimize the tasting experience.


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These sliders are made with hearty turkey slices- absolutely no deli turkey here! This is the real deal!


Last, but certainly not least, dessert! The birthday boy loves angel food cake so we decided to make that same dish, only smaller. We used fresh- never frozen- strawberries for the sauce and garnish along with fresh whipping cream and cake crumbles. Then for the guests to cool themselves off in the July heat we served a Watermelon- Blood Orange Granita: an icy infusion of sweet watermelon and tart blood orange. This will beat the pants off any snow cone.

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Our handmade signage even fit the fun festivities. We filled our apothecary jars with bright colored pom poms and guests ate with colored cups and plates.

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