Dessert Bar: Wedding Edition

On Saturday, our bride treated her guests with a full dessert bar from us. She had the reception at Cactus and Tropicals in Salt Lake City. Although we are on their preferred catering list, it was my first time at the venue- and boy it was beautiful! I loved the ambiance created by the plants, and the fresh smell was…well refreshing! Our bride went for a modern yellow and grey wedding and incorporated the chevron print (love it!)

She decided to play it sweet and serve a wide range of desserts. We served up three kinds of cookies: yellow sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate chip cookies;  three flavors of brownies: traditional, cookies ‘n’ cream, and mint; two types of gelato: salted caramel gelato and strawberry-peach; and topped it off with two drinks: a refreshing lemon-water and mango-pinapple Brazillian lemonade- a Savory original!

Tiffani W 10

Tiffani W 11

Tiffani W 5Tiffani W 4

Tiffani W 3

Do you see the edible glitter? We love to put little extras on- it makes it look so much tastier!


Tiffani W 2

I love the clean lines of the buffet: simple yet elegant. And the differing heights, let’s not forget about that!

   Tiffani W 9

Tiffani W 8

We incorporated the bride’s chevron print on our custom signage.

Tiffani W 7 Tiffani W 6To bring in the bride’s lemon color we used lemon heads, yellow ribbon, and real lemons

Tiffani W 1


Tiffani W 12

Did you know that Chef Lou developed the recipe for this drink three days previously? With her classic culinary training, Lou is able to make ANYTHING for your event!


Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the gelato because we were very busy during the reception. But you can see some sample pics here

We loved being a part of your event and love sharing our passion for food with you. Congratulations to the happy couple!






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