Meshing Elegant and Vintage


In July we catered a wedding where the bride did an excellent job in meshing vintage and elegant styles. She worked off a color palate of creams, pinks, tan, and accents of teal and gold which helped connect the two styles.


K decor 2

Our bride hosted the reception in her parents beautiful backyard in Sandy. The backyard had a lot of different features that lent a unique and special feel to the reception. One area had a cozy fireplace with comfortable patio seating under billowy canopy; the basketball court turned into the dance floor under strings of lights; the shed housed the photo booth. It was a stunning setting on such a wonderful summery night.


It’s in the Details

To decorate such a large space might have been difficult, but our bride, with the help of her go-to decorator sister-in-law, made it look magical.

For the vintage feel, she used:

  • Chalkboards
  • Weathered wood signs, placards, picture frames
  • Ribbon backdrop

For an elegant feel she used:

  • Lots of different candles. Some in votive holders and some not
  • Gold. Gold votives, bowls, vases
  • Chiavari chairs and sturdy dark wood tables


K decor 1


K decor 3


k decor 22


k decor 13


k decor 7


k decor 10The bride put weathered signs around the reception area. One of my favorites read “He stole her heart, so she stole his last name”



The buffet tables had several different kinds of signs. One, was our handmade signage describe each item. Another was a small chalkboard that designated the different stations. And lastly, there were signs that expressed their love in a clever way.


k decor 14


k decor 23


k decor 16


k decor 11Because it was a backyard, there were some things that needed to be considered, like a trampoline. No problem for the decorators! They had a custom platform built to go above the trampoline (pictured here) You might never would have guessed!



k decor 17The bride chose many smaller flower centerpieces and votives for the decor on her long rectangular tables.


A Beautiful Evening


k decor 21


k decor 12


     k decor 9

k decor 15

k decor 20

Part 2, where we go over the scrumptious food from this weeding, is coming soon! Check back on Friday.


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