Rustic Wedding in Hobble Creek


One of the prettiest places in Utah is Hobble Creek Canyon. It is beautiful mountain country just minutes away from Springville. In June, we had the opportunity to cater a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception up at the Hobble Creek Lodge. The lodge is nestled up against the canyon walls and has many beautiful landscaping features in addition to the massive house. The owners rent this space for family vacationers as well as weddings.

Front view of the Lodge

The Decor

Our bride and groom met while bull riding and decided to keep that western theme throughout the wedding. The reception was held under a big white tent with many tables and casual seating areas under and around the tented area.

Natasha 3


Natasha 4


I love what the bride did for this casual seating area: bales of hay! She covered the bales with linens and decorated used cable spools as cocktail tables. For our buffet setup, we always coordinate with the bride’s style to make it one seamless event. We re-purposed our aspen bark vases for silverware holders and used a burlap runner for the tables.


Natasha 6


Natasha 1Once we light this candle nestled amongst some coffee beans, it gave off such a wonderful aroma! Plus the dark brown color was too perfect to pass up.


Under the tent the bride carried on her theme of rustic browns and teals for the tables with elegant flowers and crystal tea lights. I love the canopy of lights under this tent- it made the evening magical.

Natasha 13


Natasha 16


The Food

For her wedding, our bride opted for a full dinner for all of her guests. Most of them were there from the ceremony until the end and she wanted to make sure that they were well fed. After the ceremony, as guests were milling about during picture-taking time, they snacked on pork crostini and tri-color chips with mango salsa. Both drinkers and non-drinkers took advantage of the open bar which served cocktails, wines and beers throughout the night.


Natasha 8


Natasha 5Before the festivities, these drinks were in the drink tub to cool. This wheelbarrow served as the perfect drink tub, even little kids could reach in and grab a soda (much to the objections of the parents, I’m sure)


For dinner, the bride wanted a classy, yet traditional meal for her guests. We served a fresh green salad with a French viniagrette, handmade white and jalapeno-cheddar rolls, breaded parmesan chicken, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and broccolini spears.


Natasha 9


Natasha 10


Natasha 11



Save the Best for Last: Dessert

As always, dessert is always my favorite part of the meal. Not only is it delicious, but we love to top it off with stylized garnishes. Our bride wanted a chocolate fountain (with variety of fruits and marshmallows for dipping), handmade mini key lime pies, and a blood orange sorbetto.


Natasha 14


Natasha 17


Natasha 21These tree round trays fit perfectly with the decor of this wedding.


Natasha 23We served our blood orange sorbetto in our crystal martini glasses with a teal sherriff’s star tuile on top. We also used edible glitter on the sugar rimmer


Unique Bouquet and Garter Toss

One of Hobble Creek Lodges’ unusual features is the Human Slingshot. Our bride and groom utilized this unique feature for their bouquet and garter toss and it was the highlight of my night. Here are some amateur photos and videos of the event. It was so much fun to watch!


Natasha 20



Natasha 19


Garter Toss Video

Bouquet Toss Video


Our trailer was packed to the gills for this event. We had lots of fun catering the wedding. Best wishes to Natasha and Jake!

Natasha 2













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