A Grand Feast at Sleepy Ridge


At Savory, we believe that guests should never go hungry. They should eat as much (or as little) as they please and not have to worry about “running out”. One of our brides believes the same thing. So for her wedding reception in July, she chose many sweet and non-sweet items to keep tummies- and guests- happy.

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On the Menu: The Meat-ier Items


Pork Crostini: 4-day marinated pork tenderloin with caramelized onions, herbed cream cheese, and sage whipped cream on a toasted bread round

Mini Potato Bites: Soft baked potatoes rubbed with butter and salt and topped with an herbed cream cheese and chives

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sliders: Roasted turkey breast and hearty bacon with lettuce and avocado aioli on a handmade Kaiser knot

Pork Wontons: 4-day marinated pork tenderloin with a sweet potato and fresh mango salsa spread on a crispy wonton triangle

Chicken Teriyaki Spoons: Marinated dark meat chicken pieces with sticky rice, teriyaki sauce, slant green onions and sesame seeds on an Asian spoon


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Jordyn 17When roasting the turkey for these sliders, the entire breast is wrapped in bacon! The bacon gives the turkey more moisture during cooking.


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On the Menu: The Sweet Side


Lime and Guava Coconut Parfaits: Brightly colored lime and guava gelee with coconut pastry cream, pound cake crumbles, whipped cream and chocolate “cigarettes” in a small dessert glass

Salted Caramel Gelato: Handmade salted caramel gelato with chocolate crumbles and a butterfly cookie “tuile”

Double Chocolate Charlotes: White and milk chocolate mousse encased in a white patterned cake, topped with a white chocolate ganache, and an edible pansy

Mini Fruit Tarts: Lemon scented pate sucre tart shells filled with pastry cream and topped with an arrangement of fruits with a shiny apricot glaze

Bubbly Blue Raspberry Mocktail: Blue raspberry with a hint of coconut in a tall martini glass with an edible glitter sugar rimmer

Crystal Punch: Lightly flavored grapefruit punch


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Jordyn 22Each butterfly tuile takes a lot of effort to make: each dot is applied by hand and as soon as the cookies come out of the oven, they rest on a mold to get the “V” shape. We can only make 5 at a time.


Jordyn 29The flower garnishing this dessert is completely edible! If it’s not edible, we don’t use it.


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A Considerate Host


Our bride and her family were very kind and considerate people. She had a lot of relatives flying in from out of town, so she provided them with Savory gift baskets. We filled the baskets with a variety of things: rolls, a Utah Valley Magazine, Tide-to-go pens, advil, sugar cookies, and more.

She was also considerate of picky eaters- namely children. In addition to the gourmet buffet, she included a small kid’s section with ham and cheese sliders and mango salsa.


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We loved working on this wedding; it was a lot of fun and the guests had so many delicious options to choose from.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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 As a parting note, I have one last story to share. Before booking, the bride and her mother came in to our office for a tasting. We provided a good selection of sweet and non-sweet items for them to sample. They were ecstatic, ate as much as they could and couldn’t stop talking about how delicious the food was. They said, “For our menu, we want all of this!” And so they did, with only a few minor changes from our first meeting



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