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“This was absolutely the most wonderful catering I have ever seen. Service was beyond compare and the food was elegant and tasted wonderful. I did not even worry once about the food at the reception, KNOWING I had the very best.”  -Margo K.


With catering from Savory, you don’t just get gourmet food, you get so much more. Our professional and helpful staff make your event go off without a hitch from the prep area to the food table. See how we bring a “moblie” restaurant to you.

Gorgeous Tablescapes


With Savory’s staff services, you receive a beautifully decorated buffet tablescape, for free! Our buffet designer carefully plans each beautiful setup. Even before putting together decorations, she takes into consideration things such as: table length, linens, power outlets, and buffet area. These details are settled by working with the bride, event planner, and/or venue liaison.

Before each event, our buffet designer creates a mock up of the tablescape. She chooses from a variety of trays, cake platters, riser, votive holders, and other decorations to fit the color and style of the event.


Jordyn 6


This was a vintage display with coral, pink, gold, and cream colors. We used some gold and white trays and brought in the pinks and corals through candles, pictures, and flowers.


Jordyn 5


Jordyn 18This buffet had 4 heat lamps, requiring 2 outlets. Steps were taken to ensure that the extension cords were hidden and that no one tripped over them


For our buffets, we like to have a variety of height levels. This draws in the eye for a visually appealing look. We usually never put a tray directly on the table; besides, it’s easier to reach when the tray is higher. In the back, we will usually place tall candlestick holders, large vases, or use other decorations as a riser.


Jordyn 3This vintage chest was the perfect height for this flower arrangement.


Jordyn 2We placed a lantern, picture frame, and votive on this weathered wood stool.


Prep staff 3Extra tidbit: See that gold glass in the background? We purchased it specially for this event and boy is it gorgeous!

One of the last items our buffet designer takes into consideration is signage. We like to inform the guests what they will be eating (especially if it includes nuts) Our designer hand makes all of these signs with the specific theme in mind.


A Bustling Prep Area


During the event, the prep area is undoubtedly the busiest area. Our professional staff works to provide the best tasting food for your event. We keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for your optimum eating enjoyment. Most of the food has been cooked in our kitchen, but we always need to put on some finishing touches before serving.

We’ve worked in some pretty unique prep areas and situations before and we’re prepared to give you the best catering you’ve ever had. The show must go on, right?


To finish up our double chocolate charlottes, we added a swirl of whipped cream, teal edible glitter, a pansy, and a chocolate cigarette.


Prep staff 2


Prep staff 1


Prep staff 10


Prep staff 5Each of these martini glasses were hand-dipped by one of our employees. It’s a tart, glitter sugar rimmer.



Service Throughout the Night


The last, and busiest, part of our catering services is making sure the buffet is stocked, clean, and the tables are bussed. Our staff refills empty trays, clears up any garbage, and makes sure the guests are happy and satisfied.


Prep staff 7These parfaits are not just “piled” on the riser. They are organized in neat rows


Prep staff 8

Prep staff 9We shuffle the food in and out from the prep area to the buffet throughout the event. Some employees have walked  15+ miles at a single event!


Hiring Savory is like bringing a mobile restaurant to you: high class food, excellent service, and tables bussed. We want to take all the worry about your event from you and make sure you have a stress free and enjoyable night.




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