Product Endorsement


I love finding a good product. I love the efficiency and the outcome. Sometimes it’s after months and months of searching and testing that I finally find the one brand that meets my high standards. Then from there on out it’s hard to get me to change. This goes for appliances/tools and food products. One such product is plastic wrap from Polyvinyl Films.

It might be silly but for years I’ve struggled with plastic wrap at home. I started out buying generic brands because I was cheap. Those didn’t work; it just fell right off. Time to change my plan. “So,” I thought, “name brands will have it figured it out.” Saran-wrap and Glad did not stand up to my tests; it would not hold anything. Meanwhile my food was getting dry and I had to be creative if I ever wanted to transport something in a big bowl. My plastic wrap had failed me.

Then I thought, it must be in the method, I’m doing it all wrong. I’ll wrap plastic around the whole thing and then it can stick together because plastic wrap is supposed to stick to itself. Nope, nothing. It seemed that no one could make a good product and I was doomed to a life of sub-par plastic wrap for my kitchen needs.

It wasn’t until the company really started to get going before I bought plastic wrap in bulk at Costco. You could hear angels singing the first time I used it. Truly, this plastic wrap is the one and only. Sam’s Club’s plastic wrap is cumbersome, and even myrestaurant food supplier’s plastic wrap doesn’t meet my standards.

Now that I’ve found this plastic wrap, all my troubles have gone away.



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