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Like any production or event, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Take a look into what the Savory catering team were up to at a plated dinner and reception at Castle Park Events Center


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This post is just about the work that went on behind the scenes. To read about the dinner and reception visit Plated Dinner: Wedding Edition.

What You’re Really Getting


When you hire Savory to cater your event, you’re really getting a high-class mobile restaurant. This mobile restaurant keeps your food at the right temperature, provides a nice ambiance, and keeps you satisfied with your every culinary need. This is especially true for a plated dinner. We make sure that your water is stocked, and our fresh rolls are in your bread basket, and we deliver your food-nice and hot- right to your place setting. We work hard so you can enjoy your evening, free of stress.

Even before most of the wedding party showed up, the Savory crew was hard at work putting together last minute food items and getting things ready for the night’s event.

For this event, one of the first things we did was to set up the tables. That way we can give the early-arriving guests an undisturbed area to sit and relax.


plated 2


plated 1


plated 3


plated 13    We lit candles to help set the mood.


plated 12


plated 4Here, one of our employees is cutting the avocado for the salad.


At a plated dinner, one entire course has to all go out at once, and after that is finished the other course begins. Timing is very important during this kind of dinner. It requires a lot of help to put together our plated dinners. Additionally, before the food ever gets onto the plate, each plate is either chilled in a refrigerator, or warmed in the oven.


plated 5


Salad requires accurate timing. Unfortunately, the salad dressing make lettuce go limp quite quickly, so we only toss the salad with the dressing moments before it is served. For this event, we had the salad out on the tables just before the guests were seated at the tables.


plated 6


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Although we were working in a tight space, Chef Lou made sure each dish had all the right garnishes and cleaned up any spills before the food went out to the guests.


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Our goal is to make your evening enjoyable and stress-free. You can relax, enjoy your guests, and satisfy your cravings for delicious food when you hire Savory.





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