Corporate Catering


At Savory we try to go above and beyond in all aspects of our product. We prepare our food with fresh ingredients and most of it is handmade for a better taste through and through.  Our corporate catering is just the same; we like treat those 9 to 5ers with some of the best food around.



A  New Approach


Sandwiches can get boring. Really fast. We’ve found too many companies giving too bland or too soggy sandwiches to employees and we are changing that! We believe that food should be exciting, and fun to eat! Our lunch options span a wide range from handmade sandwiches to salads, to full meals to whatever-you-want!

One of our recent events featured not-so-common lunch options. For one event we served chile verde pork fajitas, herbed black beans, sweet rice, chips and mango salsa and -one of our newest desserts- cheesecake bars. The next day we served chicken fetuccine, squash medley, handmade rolls, greek garden salad, and mint brownies.


Raise the bar for food at your workplace; let your employees and customers know that they are so important to your business.


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microsoft 7We even decorate our buffets. What’s food without the presentation?



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Is your company food a little lack luster? Call our Chef today and add some spice to your workday.


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