Eating with the Eyes


Food is a central part to any entertainment; most of our get-togethers with friends or family involve food.  Sometimes, it’s even used as bribery (community service projects, anyone?) There’s something about us humans that think “it’s not a party unless it has food!”

We at Savory understand the need for food, especially at weddings and corporate events. However, we take it to the next level and actually have the food be a source of entertainment.

Our Mantra

We believe that life is too short for ordinary food. And not only do we believe that the food has to TASTE good, it also has to LOOK good. Guests can fill themselves up with any ol’ sandwich, but they will enjoy it more when it’s presented as a slider on a fun Kaiser knot with a knotted bamboo skewer. We believe that guests will appreciate and savor the food more if it’s in a fun package.

We go the extra mile to make sure your food is delicious and fun- we help make your party a hit.  I’ve compiled a short list of some of the things we add or do to our food it make it fun.


Skewers. We love to put things on skewers! It makes it easier to grab and it allows for fun displays. Even these Children’s sliders get a fancy knotted bamboo skewer.


Kylie G2


Jordyn 9



Every garnish we put on our food is made to be edible. These pansies are safe to eat and make for a fun and unique garnish. We will also use bright green herbs like mint or cilantro (pictured below in the veggie shooters)


Jordyn 30


Wally 9


Edible chocolate tea cup with cappuccino mousse and edible "steam"


This edible “steam” is made from tempered chocolate, we used a candied tangerine slice for this blood orange sorbet (do you also see the silver glitter?), then we have a Parmesan cheese crisp for our creamy asparagus soup shooters.


Blood Orange Sorbet


asparagus shooters


Cookie Tuiles

For our events, all our tuiles are handmade to fit the style and colors. This butterfly had teal and coral dots, and the striped tuile match the lemon raspberry parfait.


Jordyn 22




It’s like a glorified game of Jenga… except for taking away layers we try to add them. Cakes and parfaits are perfect for layering; we even like to “pile” on food for our non-sweet items like our Southwestern Sweet Potato Cake.


Rich three layer killer chocolate cake with buttercream frosting




Sweet Potato Cake


What other food presentation styles have you seen? Was there anything that made you say “wow!”?



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