Mint and Coral at Noah’s


With each wedding season come different color and style trends. One big trend this year was mint and coral. These two colors go very well together and have a softer touch to the feel of the wedding. Even though the rush of summer weddings is over, I predict that these colors aren’t through yet!


aimee 3


Our bride chose a very clean, modern design for her dinner and reception. She held it upstairs at Noah’s in South Jordan. It had a beautiful covered patio with attached indoor room. For her reception, we used all white (or no color) trays for the food and put some roses on the tray for extra decoration.


The Menu

For her reception, she chose to serve a nice balance of sweet and non-sweet items. We were very excited to serve the desserts because we had never done this particular version on our other events.

We served Pork Tenderloin Sliders on a hand made kaiser knot, Mini Potato bites with sea salt and herbed cheese, Teriyaki Spoons with sticky rice and slanted scallions, Buttermilk Panna Cotta with a fresh cherry sauce, and Mango Tarts with a mango flower and kiwi “leaf”.


aimee 9


aimee 10



aimee 8


aimee 14



aimee 7While making the cherry sauce, we first tried it with canned cherries. Chef Lou didn’t like the taste so we hand-pitted fresh cherries to use in this sauce. Chef Lou is committed to quality!



aimee 6


aimee 5


aimee 13


aimee 12


aimee 11We served two kinds of drinks: grapefruit-scented water and crystal punch


aimee 4I love the lamps we used for this buffet- white, sleek, and modern.


aimee 2


In addition to a buffet reception, the bride had a plated dinner for close family and friends. We were so busy that pictures didn’t get taken of the first half, but if you’re interested in plated dinners see:

Plated Dinner: Wedding Edition

Mobile Restaurant


 Congratulations to the newlyweds!




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