Plated Dinner: Wedding Edition


Although not too common in Utah, some brides choose to have a plated dinner during their wedding celebrations. Some have it as the main celebration, and others will have dinner for family and close friends in addition to a reception later that evening. Recently, one of our brides chose the latter.


Leah 12


Our bride chose to hold her wedding dinner at Castle Park Events Center in Lindon, UT. She and the groom planned a small ring ceremony outside on the grass and then close friends and family went inside for a delicious meal.

To start off the two-course meal, we served a fresh green salad with mandarin oranges, almonds, and avocado bits. For the main course, the guests had an option between grilled chicken with a cranberry-orange chipotle sauce or marinated sirloin steak with a creamy chile verde sauce. The sides for the main course were a Tex-Mex linguini and fresh green beans.



Leah 1


Leah 2For each table number, the bride and groom included a picture of themselves as the age of the table number.  For example, this was table #6, and the pictures were of them at age six.


Leah 4



Leah 5Our meat was cut fresh at the event and reached the perfect amount of cooking.


Leah 7


Leah 6


After the guests filled their tummies, it was time to get ready for the reception. At the reception, we served a light- but flavorful!- spread of handmade fruit tarts and mini dulce de leche mousse cupcakes.


Leah 10


Leah 8Our fresh fruit tarts ready to be put out on trays for the reception.


Leah 3


Leah 11


Leah 15


Leah 13Our bride made this signage by hand. The border on the outside was actually sewn on.


Leah 16


Leah 14


Leah 18


Congratulations to the bride and groom; the wedding was beautiful and so was the couple!





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