50th Birthday


Shh! It’s a surprise! Recently, one of our customers threw a surprise birthday party for her husband. She wanted to make a “big deal” out of it because he turned the ripe age of 50.  Although neither she or her were Asian, she wanted an Asian-influenced menu for the party. We even created some new dishes just for this event!


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Mix of Appetizers and a Meal

Since the party was around dinner time, our client wanted her guests to leave with full stomach without having a formal dinner. She wanted a mix of sweet and non-sweet appetizers as well as some substantial dishes.

We served:

  • Asian Crunch Salad with cabbage, mandarin oranges, almonds and a slightly-spicy dressing
  • Chicken Satay with a sweet-chile dipping sauce
  • Strawberry Bruschetta: bread rounds topped with diced strawberries and a balsamic reduction
  • White rice with a Honey Walnut Chicken entree
  • Savory’s signature brownies

The kids at the party snacked on brownies and chicken satay all night while the more mature folk loaded up their plate and were thoroughly satisfied.


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Kid Considerate

One of the things I loved about this party is that it had something for kids to do! Kids get bored at “adult” events and then end up bugging the parents all night, but not this party! Our customer had an entire room for the kids with games, balloon animals, and a popcorn machine!


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