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“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen” -John Wooden


Plated Dinners are ALL about the details and fancy presentation. Take a look into a dinner we did at a cabin near Sundance Resort.


presentation 10

This post just talks about the presentation. Read Sundance Ceremony  get the full story.

Fine Dining in….a Garage?


Our elegant night of fine dining up at a beautiful cabin near Sundance was altered a bit when Mother Nature decided to drop a ferocious rainstorm above our heads. Instead of eating out on the lawn, we moved the tables into the cleared out garage. We set and decorated the tables, and worked hard to make the surroundings as beautiful as possible.


presentation 3

The scene before the rains came


em sat 6

The scene during the storm.


presentation 12


presentation 9



presentation 11


preesntation 8

The decorator brought in all the flowers and candles to make the boring garage into an acceptable dining area


presentation 1


presentation 4

The pine nuts, golden raisins and spinach had to be fried at the event for maximum freshness


presentation 2


presentation 5


To garnish our main dish, we fried sliced lotus root at the event. We wanted the lotus root to be as fresh as possible.


presentation 7


em sat 15


 The Main Course: Matambre with Smashed Potatoes


em sat 17

Step 1 & 2: arrange roasted red pepper rings, and put on garlic smashed potatoes


presentation 16

Step 3: add the asparagus bundle



em sat 18

Next, we added the matambre rounds with a roasted red pepper sauce. Here, a staff member is putting on the finishing touches



presentation 17

The finished product







presentation 18



Our multi-layer spice cake with accompanying salted caramel ice cream was a hit! Love the height the gingersnap cookie brings, and the chocolate cigarette ties the whole dessert together.

We also sent home a double chocolate charlotte for each of the guests. We garnished it with whipped cream, a chocolate cigarette and gold glitter.


presentation 6


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