Tastings: Pictures


A Pictorial Post

Our last post, Tastings: What to Expect, gave the details on what happens during our tastings. Now, let me delight your eyes by showing you what our tasting are all about.

A Wide Variety of Foods

The reason we give tastings, and the reason clients want tastings, is to try out some of our food beforehand. Some customers- especially brides and grooms- want to make sure that the food they ordered is indeed, top notch.

We’ve served a variety of food in our tastings. One bride wanted to hand pick the sauce that went with the homemade meatballs she ordered for her wedding. We cooked up different sauces for her to try. Another couple wanted to “double check” the things they ordered for their fall BBQ. Then another wanted to make sure we had good quality food before she booked with us.


tasting 10

Eggs Benedict on Asiago-herb bread. Our bride ended up choosing this for her luncheon and it became her favorite item


tasting 4

Tender pulled pork with three different sauces. Our customer ended up choosing the southwestern sauce


tasting 7

Argentinian Matambre with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Our couple loved this entree!


tasting 11

Although our bride didn’t end up choosing the Monte Cristo sandwich with handmade buttermilk syrup, she still enjoyed eating it at the tasting


tasting 6

Again, our couple was deciding between different sauces. For the deep fried chicken they chose a creamy mushroom sauce


tasting 5

Our Buttery Pinions, a new appetizer that our customer wanted to try


Our service wouldn’t be complete without decorating the table. We like to present our food well and sometimes if we know what style the customer wants we’ll accommodate. Here are some pictures of the display we put together for our tastings.


tasting 9

For a bride who wanted a brunch, we put together some fruit trays, coffee cake and various muffins for her and her groom to try


tasting 8

We used our square china for tastings with dinner options


tasting 3

One couple wanted to try our various mocktails. We set up with buffet featuring all kinds of different flavors



tasting 1

This bride wanted a very elegant wedding; we displayed her food on silver platters, clear risers and candles.


tasting 2

We even added some flower buds on the trays that matched her wedding colors






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