Vintage at the Springville Art Museum


Stop! Don’t turn back because it’s “another vintage wedding”! This bride was described to “be vintage before it became a fad”. She pulled of the look very well and it just so happened to be in a gorgeous setting: The Springville Museum of Art.



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Light Appetizers

To feed her guests at the wedding reception, our customer chose one of our appetizer packages. On the menu were our popular Potato bites, turkey and muenster sandwiches on our handmade Focaccia bread, and Lemon-Raspberry Parfaits. She wanted to make sure there was variety in her items, items that were interesting, and items that would fill the tummy.




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Not Much Need for Decoration

If you’ve ever been to the Springville Museum of Art, you know that it is a beautiful building. It was built in the 30’s and has undergone some renovations but the beauty of the building still stands. In addition to the outside, the interior has beautiful terracotta floors and of course, very fine art.

Our bride didnt’ have to do much to make this venue look nice. The indoor seating area has iron tables and chairs. She just added a small burlap runner (love the lace on the side) with some covered books and vases as centerpieces. Easy, yet still beautiful.



I like the collection of various bottle shapes- creates interest and is fundamentally “vintage”


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One of the museum’s permanent art pieces is this “water feature” in the indoor seating area. Even though it has an industrial vibe, it fit with the vintage theme because of the old waterwheel, iron drums and distressed metal. We placed our buffet table before it- while still leaving some room for the guests to view the artwork.

On our table we had accents of burlap as well as some pops of her mint and coral colors. The mother of the bride provided the beautiful lace table cloth and we supplemented with old bottles, suitcases and candles.


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Some guests “view” the art differently

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We brought out our chalkboard signs to adorn this buffet



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