Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Wedding


Just like your wedding dress, you want your wedding catering to be a perfect fit. In both of these wedding essentials there are many styles and options to choose from. Here, I will offer up a variety of styles to serve the catering for your wedding. At Savory we give you the choice because we want this day to be perfect for you.

Winnowing Down Your Options

Since there are so many options out there for catering, start by figuring out what you want, what your priorities are. Sometimes, it helps to decide what you DON’T want and it can help point you in the right direction. In addition to a list I’ve put on a different blog post (see: Wedding Consultation) I’ve included some things to think about concerning the catering for your wedding:

  • Do you want high-class food with excellent presentation and taste, or do you just want to fill calories?
  • Do you want our guests to stay and party the entire night or do you want it as an open house style?
  • Do you want to serve a light fare or serve a variety of options?

After you have narrowed down your options and figured out your priorities, it’s also nice to think about the guests. Will a lot of them be from out of town? Do the bride and groom come from the same hometown? If you have guests from out of town who have no other places to be it would be nice to make sure they are entertained and fed during the celebrations. Then, if the bride and groom are from the same hometown, it would be wise to assume that a lot of people will be coming to the reception and therefore, will need more food.

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Customizable Catering

Now that you have a good idea of what style you’re looking for, I will suggest a few different ways to serve the food for your wedding. These options have pros and cons to each one and maybe combining the best parts of one style with the best parts of another style is the right option for you. One thing to note, this isn’t the end-all-be-all list for us; I bet there are more ways of serving catering that I haven’t even thought of!


Option A: Appetizer Buffet

Appetizers are great for an open house style reception! Guests can pick and choose which food they want to eat and the food will even be kept warm for those late-comers. With this style you may choose an all sweet buffet or a good mixture of sweet and non-sweet. You may also choose as many items as you want or a few items as you want. When doing this, take into consideration the time of the reception: between 5-6:30 pm guests will be very hungry and would eat more than at a reception around 6:30-9pm.

If you want to encourage the mixing and mingling, think about having passed appetizers. Our wait staff would walk around the venue delivering delicious morsels directly to your guests.


Option B: Dinner

At Savory, we have two types of dinners: buffet and plated. A plated dinner is most similar to a restaurant where the guests stay seated and our wait staff brings out each course, while with the former, the guests would serve themselves at a buffet. Although in each style the food would be presented nicely, the plated dinners gives more leeway to our chef to go big and individually style each plate.

Dinners tend to be “more” formal, because there is less mingling between tables. It also lends itself easily to incorporate speeches/toasts.


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Options C: Breaking up the Courses

For those that want the guests to stay throughout the evening’s celebrations, breaking up the timeline is a great option. After the ceremony, light cocktails are served as family pictures are being taken. Then the main food is served shortly thereafter. The main food may be a full dinner, something smaller like a luncheon, or even smaller appetizers (although, if your guests are staying a long time, you will need quite a selection of appetizers).  Then a while after the main food is served, dessert is brought out.

This method keeps your guests fed throughout the night and keeps them at the reception for all the various festivities you have planned.

To view weddings we’ve done of this kind visit: Rustic Wedding in Hobble Creek and “You Must Have Been Born in The South”


Option D: Combination

This option combines a dinner for the wedding party and then appetizers for the reception. With this option, the most important people- the wedding party- gets fed and then light appetizers are served for the reception. This summer we had a bride that chose this style. Her ceremony was later in the day and the reception started at 7pm. Read about her wedding here: Plated Dinner: Wedding Edition

Just yesterday I had a consultation with a bride who was concerned about the wedding party starving during the reception but also wanted the appetizer buffet. I suggested this style of combining the two types. She liked it because the important people would be well fed (including herself!) and then had the option of fun appetizers for the remaining guests.



At times it may be overwhelming with all the options available to you. We are professionals in our field and are happy to help plan the perfect wedding. You may also schedule a free consultation with us and get our personal advice and expertise in planning your wedding.




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