Gourmet Boxed Lunch


At Savory we have a high standard of food quality and presentation. We make our food fresh which makes it taste so much better. Our boxed lunches have that same standard of quality. Just because it’s boxed doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to have a soggy sandwich. Say no to sub-par food and order from Savory!



Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches ready to be put in lunches

Boxed Means No Hassle

Boxed lunches are a perfect choice for businesses: we deliver right to the boardroom so you can start your meeting on time and in style. Catered lunches are great for showing customers and employees that they are appreciated, and what better way to say that than with gourmet food from Savory!

Gourmet food starts with fresh ingredients. Take our rolls for example. We make the bread that morning and cook it to a light golden brown. Fresh rolls taste eons better than even store-bought rolls.


box 3

Before baking, we brush each roll with an egg wash (to make it shine) and black sesame seeds

box 4

Hot rolls fresh out of the oven!


box 5

We roll each of these rolls into a Kaiser Knot for added presentation


Each boxed lunch comes with a sandwich, side dish, dessert. For this meal we made beef tenderloin sandwiches with a bleu cheese spread and crispy lettuce; Asian pasta salad with edamame, craisins, and honey-roasted peanuts; soft Orange and milk chocolate chip cookie with an orange frosting.


box 2


We put everything into disposable containers or plastic wrap to keep it fresh and avoid spills.


box 1

Cute cucumber flowers provide an extra crunch to the meal


box 6

Piled high with 2 ounces of beef tenderloin

The bread was so soft and the meat was tender with a hint of bleu cheese without being overbearing and the lettuce gave the right amount of crisp.

box 7

Everything is ready to be packed into the boxes



box 8

These lunches are ready for delivery!


Choose Savory to provide box lunches: our boxes lunches have fresh ingredients and delicious flavor combinations. These lunches are perfect for corporate meetings, field trips, conferences, family reunions and so much more!


box 9



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