Preferred Venue: The Loft at Brick Canvas


Savory is excited to announce a new preferred venue space: The Loft at Brick Canvas

Earlier this week I was able to take a tour of the entire facility at Brick Canvas. Marie, Brick Canvas’s Guest Specialist, showed me all the different studios and services they offer. Their claim is to help you have a rejuvenating experience that will make you want to come back again and again. Some of their studios include a hair salon, spa, and yoga studio.

On the top floor of the building is the Loft, the event space. The Loft has 4,400 sq ft in two rooms that overlook gardens and is perfect for events or meetings.

While touring, I was impressed with the elegance and the invigorating aura I felt. It is a beautiful space that has been carefully calculated for your enjoyment. The atmosphere at the Loft is warm and inviting; it accommodates all kinds of events from business conferences to elegant dinners and so much more.

Choose the Loft for timeless elegance, excellent service, and of course, fine dining by Savory!

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