A Cozy Christmas Party


During one of the big snowstorms in December, a small gathering of employees were enjoying a delicious appetizer spread from us. We served a variety of foods while the guests chatted and relaxed with one another.


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Silver glitter Nutcracker decorations. With every service we provide a free decorated buffet to make your event spectacular


A Cozy Affair


The party was hosted in Huntsville, Utah in a cozy home, surrounded by beautiful holiday decorations with a blanket of fresh snow outside. Our hosts wanted this afternoon-get-together to be fun and offer a variety of food to their guests. Chef Lou worked with our hosts to create a perfect menu: one that offered vegetarian selections, warm Holiday flavors, and a variety of sweet treats.




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Our focaccia bread was handmade earlier that morning for optimal taste


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A Holiday Sweet Tooth


Our client wanted to make sure that there was a good spread of sweet treats for the guests. We included some of our favorites and some new combinations like our Warm Cranberry Bread Cake. This dessert is a perfect match up of sweet and tart. It creates a perfect culinary balance for your taste buds.


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Our fruit tarts: always made by hand


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Our handmade signage included silver glitter to accompany the decor

We put a new twist to an old classic with these Chocolate Hazelnut and Caramel Parfaits. We loaded each glass with silky smooth Hazelnut and chocolate pastry cream, real brownie crumbles and a delectable caramel sauce. The best thing about the parfaits is that you can make them any flavor you desire. They sky’s the limit on this one!


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Chef Lou is making some last minute adjustments to make sure everything is in neat and orderly rows.


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Our hosts lived in Huntsville, Utah and we were happy to travel up there to serve them a delicious fare! Our services are completely mobile and we bring an exquisite personal restaurant to your door!



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We thoroughly enjoyed our time at such a beautiful setting serving delicious food to our hosts and their guests.



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