Black, Gold, and Glitz


In December, we had the opportunity to serve a 12 course birthday meal for one of our clients. Chef Lou was given free reign over the dinner menu and so our event manager decided to go all out on for a glam and glitz look.


gold 9

A Special Occasion

This family dinner was billed as a special occasion. The father wanted to throw his wife a delicious dinner party and we didn’t disappoint. For such a special occasion, we decided to pull out all the stops and make it glamorous. The theme of the night was black, gold and glitz.

Our designer wanted to give the centerpiece some intrigue; she worked with different height levels and an array of different baubles, votives, candles, and other glittery ornamentations. The hosts had a beautiful long table for guests. We covered it with a black cloth and included a shiny gold overlay down the center of the table.


gold 1


gold 2

Our napkin rings was a glitter spiral with a gold bauble

  gold 3


gold 4


gold 5

Gold made a big comeback in 2013 and be prepared to see much more of it this year.



gold 6


gold 8

I love the intricate design on the candles. We had quite an array of candles from tea light votives to tall free-standing candles



gold 10


Reflective Candlelight

Just before we are ready to serve the guests, we light all the candles and dim the lights for the optimal mood lighting. This makes it a special occasion- more than just a family dinner. It makes it into a glamorous celebration!


gold 11


gold 13

gold 14

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