“Suprise Me”


When said by a customer, the two words, “Surprise Me”, give Chef Lou delight! For a dinner in December, our customer let Lou take the reigns to come up with a wonderfully elegant plated dinner


fondue 1


Is it Possible to have 11 Courses?

Perhaps it’s not common to have more than 4 courses at a plated dinner. However, when the party is small- and especially when our Chef is given a green light- we can delight the guests with a multi course, gourmet meal.


hunt 2

Papers like this reminded our servers the order of the night

We started the night off with mocktails. As guests were arriving and milling about, they had a choice of either a Brazillian Mojito or a Pomtini.

As dinner commenced we started with an Amuse Bouche- litter “mouth amuser” of Wasabi-Green apple sorbet. After the mouth was pleasantly amused, we served up bacon-wrapped shrimp with a sweet chile sauce. We fried these fresh at the event. Round three was another appetizer of Pork Crostini. The crostini has a toasted bread round, caramelized onions, a tender pork medallion and sage whipped cream.

hunt 4

Guest Interaction

For our next course, we decided to have a little bit of fun with a new item: Cheese fondue. We made sure the cheese was silky smooth and the ramekins nice and piping hot for optimal dipping. Instead of a communal pot- a little hard on a 12 seater dinner table- we gave each guest an individual pot. With the cheese we included french bread, fresh pears, and crisp apples.

Our next course featured our Buttery Pinions. This little appetizer has sauteed pine nuts, golden raisins, and spinach on top of a toasted bread round. After that, Chef Lou brought out another new menu item: Chicken and waffle skewers. The waffles were infused with raspberries and served with a rich buttermilk syrup. This little bite is darling and flavorful. You may customize it to have classic maple syrup, blueberry waffles, or so much more.  We had lots of fun unleashing two new items on such a fun crowd.

hunt 3

Making sure the cheese fondue is the right consistency


fondue 5

fondue 4

hunt 6

Salad, Main Course, and Dessert

After Chef Lou amused her guests with various appetizers and social foods, she started into typical dinner courses. First up was the salad. We plated this salad vertically  on top of a banana leaf, garnished with persimmons, apples, and walnuts. We then served a palate cleanser to get our guests ready for the main course. Our palate cleanser was a Grapfruit granita garnished with a fresh blackberry.

Our main course featured two proteins: Bacon-wrapped turkey breast with a blueberry pomegranate sauce and beef tenderloin with a hearty Chasseur sauce. On the side we served Israeli couscous and haricot verts.

After our guests were sufficiently satisfied, we served another new menu item: Vacherins. Vacherins are a French dessert made of meringue “nests”. We piled fresh fruits on top such as kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and pears. Every time we serve a new menu item, we wait with bated breath to see how our guests like it. In this case, the guests really enjoyed a unique dessert.


hunt 7


hunt 1

The inside of a persimmon- beautiful!


hunt 5


hunt 8


meringue 10


meringe 6


Savory’s Special Touch

As with all our services, we included a decorated buffet (or table, in this case). We used black, gold, and glitter to make this centerpiece as special as the dinner. To see a full report of the decorations visit: Black, Gold, Glitz.  Our Chef also personally introduces each course with a mouth-watering description of the food.


gold 10


gold 9


We have a classically trained Chef that is passionate about food and giving you the best experience. Choose Savory for out of this world quality with fun and inventive dishes to make your next event a hit!


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