New Addition to the Savory Menu: Cheese Fondue


The main benefit for hiring a professional Chef is that, well, you can order anything! Chef Lou recently came up with Cheese fondue for a small dinner party and it was a hit!


fondue 1


It all Starts with Cheese

To make a good cheese fondue it must have a depth of flavor, be silky smooth, and piping hot. Chef Lou’s recipe includes Gruyere, Apple Walnut, and Fontina cheeses. The time we served it, it was at a small dinner party of 12 people. Usually fondue is served in communal pots, but this method wouldn’t work across our 12-seater dining table we had set up.

Instead, we gave each guest an individual ramekin of piping hot fondue. We included their dipping items, arranged on a plate.


fondue 4


Vast Array of Dipping Items

For this particular service, we only included three dipping items; however the possibilities are endless! We served fresh pears and crisp apples, and french bread cubes.
Some other items included for dipping are: broccoli, cauliflower, cubed ham, mini potatoes, rye bread, and etc. The sky is the limit here!


fondue 3


fondue 5


Including this as an action station at your next event is a fun and original idea. A cheese fondue station might be better than a chocolate fountain for those who don’t want a sugar rush or at a more formal setting. It will give the guests a fun interaction during a cocktail hour or even during the main event.

At Savory we make your idle food fantasies into reality!

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