A Vacherin is a traditional French dessert. We’ve had these beauties on our menu for a while, but noticed that most people don’t know what it is.


meringe 6

Meringue Based

A Vacherin is essentially a meringue “nest” with fresh fruits and whipped cream (most of the time). If you’ve ever tried making meringue you know it is a delicate process and maybe better reserved for the most skilled cooks. Our Chef was up to the task as she started concocting this dessert for a small dinner party we had recently.

We used the French method for meringues which is created by whipping eggs whites and adding white sugar. This requires patience as the egg whites come to a glossy, almost iridescent, texture. Then the meringue is piped into little “nests” and baked until hardened.

Meringue can be quite fragile to handle, but well worth it in taste. For our dessert, we filled the inside with pillowy whipped cream and topped it with various fresh fruits including kiwi, pears, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.


meringue 1




meringue 3

All lined up for dinner and ready to be filled



meringue 4


meringue 5

We inlcuded fresh- never frozen!- fruits for this delicate dessert.



meringe 7


meringue 8


meringue 10



Order Vacherins as a perfect dessert for your dinner or feature it on a buffet of various appetizers.

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