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Appetizers are a great way to serve food for weddings, business functions, or small parties. You have the power as you create the perfect menu with our unbeatable selections of sweet and non-sweet appetizers.

 Appetizer Menu

Price List
Appetizers- IPrice
Tomato Bruschetta: roasted Crostini with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese$2.59
Focaccia Bread: handmade herbed Focaccia bread$2.59
Chips & Mango Salsa: handmade mango salsa with blue, yellow and green Tortilla chips$2.59
Handmade meatballs: "from-scratch" meatballs with choice of one sauce. Sauce options may include barbacoa, teriyaki, sweet chile, classic marinara$2.79
Risotto Cakes: creamy and cheesy risotto cups sprinkled with Pancetta and melted smoked Gouda cheese$2.79
Tortellini Skewers: red, plain, and green tortellini on a knotted skewer with roasted red peppers and a spinach leaf. Marinated in our house made French Vinaigrette (served cold)$2.69
Petite Cupcakes: fluffy cupcakes topped with a swirl of flavored whipped cream. Flavors like dulce de leche, mango, lime, etc$2.69
Full Cupcakes: traditional moist cupcakes with a swirl of flavored whipped cream. Flavors like mango, chocolate, guava, etc$3.29
Handmade Brownies: thick and fudgey brownies with frosting. Comes in original, Oreo, Rocky road, mint, etc. $2.69
Cookie Bar: classic cookie in bar form. Flavors like: peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar cookie, etc$2.69
Meringue Stars: any color meringue stars, garnished with edible glitter$2.69
Chocolate & Candy covered Marshmallows: jumbo marshmallows covered in milk and white chocolate with crushed candies designed to match your colors$2.69
Appetizers- IIPrice
Mini Mac 'n' Cheese: Mac 'n' Cheese in a Ramekin topped with buttery Panko crumbs$2.99
Sea Salt Wontons: wontons with herbed cheese, roasted red pepper, and Balsamic reduction$2.99
Stuffed Mushroom Caps: sausage, smoked gouda, Parmesan, breadcrumbs, and herbs stuffed into Button mushrooms, then drizzled with butter$2.99
Fruit Trays: fresh fruit displays featuring melons, strawberries, grapes, kiwis, berries, and pineapple$2.99
Pork Quesadilla: warm shredded pork with red and green peppers melted together with cheese$2.99
Scalloped Potatoes: from scratch layered scalloped potatoes with heavy cream, four cheeses, in a Ramekin, garnished with fresh chopped herbs$2.99
Proscuitto-wrapped Melon Balls: melon spheres wrapped in prosciutto on a skewer with a Balsamic reduction and basil Chiffonade for garnish$2.99
Chicken or Beef Satay with sauce: chicken or beef on a knotted bamboo skewer with accompanying sauce$2.99
Focaccia Bread Sandwiches: in house baked herb Focaccia bread with turkey, Muenster cheese and crisp romaine lettuce$2.99
Hot Wings with sauce: spicy and tangy BBQ wings and accompanying sauce. Flavors like original, honey, Bleu cheese$2.99
Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus: grilled, Proscuitto-wrapped asparagus spears (seasonal)$2.99
Pulled Pork Slider: slow roasted pork with a sweet barbacoa sauce, layered on a handmade mini Kaiser roll. Served with optional "Diablo Onions" on the side - these are super spicy caramelized onions for the brave at heart. $2.99
Cheeseburger: modernized cheeseburger with Muenster cheese and garden-fresh romaine lettuce$2.99
Strawberry Bruschetta: slightly sweet diced strawberries on a roasted Baguette, savory cream cheese and drizzled with a Balsamic reduction$2.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip with Crackers (gluten free option): warm, three cheese spinach artichoke dip with an assortment of crackers$2.99
Beef and Sausage Slider: beef and sausage with herbed cheese on a knotted sesame Kaiser roll$2.99
Buttery Pinyons: pine nuts, golden raisins, and kale resting on a buttery Baguette slice with a Bleu cheese spread$2.99
Feta Cucumber Rolls: seasoned feta in cucumber with chopped bacon$2.99
Potato Bites: mini sea salt baked potatoes with Boursin cheese and chives$2.99
Pork Crostini: marinated pork tenderloin medallions, caramelized onions, and sage whipped cream on a toasted bread round$2.99
Mini Pie Cubes: any flavor pie cubes with a crumb base, served with a 4" fork$2.99
Apple-Cranberry Crisp: Served warm in a rustic mini pie tin or in elegant white ramekins, with a touch of cinnamon, and accompanied by a handmade vanilla bean gelato.$2.99
Mini "Killer Chocolate Cakes": dense dark chocolate with a milk chocolate French mousse icing$2.99
Éclairs: from scratch éclairs filled with French pastry cream and drizzled with a dark chocolate Ganache$3.29
Pineapple watermelon Sorbet: watermelon-pineapple sorbet served in a crystal martini glass with a sour sugar rimmer and a cookie Tuile$2.99
Handmade Parfaits: parfaits with real pound cake or brownie crumbles with whipped cream, gelee, pastry cream in any flavor and served in a small dessert glass. Flavors like Lemon-raspberry, Guava and Coconut, Reeses, Chocolate- raspberry, etc$3.29
Panna Cotta & Berries: silky smooth Panna Cotta served in a small ramekin with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries$2.99
Financiers: French financiers made of pound cake dipped in a light glaze and topped with any flavor fruit gelee$2.99
Mini Fruit Tarts: handmade fruit tarts with French pastry cream, varied sliced fruits and an apricot-scented glaze$3.29
Gelato, Ice Cream or Sorbet: house made in any flavor you wish and served in a tall dessert glass. Flavors like peach-raspberry, Rocky Road, chocolate, toasted sesame seed, peppermint, lavender, etc$2.99
Mini Fruit Tarts: handmade fruit tarts with French pastry cream, varied sliced fruits and an apricot-scented glaze $3.29
Chocolate Mousse Cups: chocolate cups in different shapes filled with three different flavored silky smooth mousses. Flavors like strawberry, chocolate, key lime, caramel, cookies 'n' cream, etc$3.29
White Chocolate Berry Bread Pudding: home made break chunk and tart cranberries baked in a sweet custard with white chocolate drizzles$2.99
Indoor S'mores: indoor s'mores station consisting of fire pots nestled in lava rocks in a rustic wooden box. Guests individually roast marshmallows and sandwich it between two chocolate graham crackers$2.99
Appetizers- IIIPrice
Turkey Bacon Avocado Slider: hearty turkey and bacon with ripe avocado and on a handmade Kaiser knot$3.39
Guacamole Burger: ripe avocado and diced tomato guacamole hamburger on a homemade Kaiser knot$3.39
Bacon Cheeseburger: traditional cheeseburger topped with hearty bacon slices$3.39
Pistachio encrusted Pork Tenderloin: pork tenderloin coated in a pistachio-Panko mixture, fried, and served with mango aioli$3.39
Barbacoa Pork Crisps: barbacoa flavored pulled pork on a crispy wonton chip with pepperjack cheese and topped with a fresh tropical salsa$3.39
Shrimp & Snow Peas: cold shrimp on a skewer wrapped in a bright green snow pea and served with traditional Cocktail sauce$3.39
Chicken Teriyaki: dark meat chicken on a skewer with a "pyramid" of molded rice, topped with Teriyaki sauce, black sesame seeds and slanted green onions$3.39
Beef Sirloin Slider: beef sirloin with herbed cheese spread on a knotted sesame Kaiser roll$3.39
Coconut Shrimp: crispy coconut shrimp with sweet-hot chili dipping sauce$3.39
Bacon-wrapped Shrimp: shrimp wrapped in hearty bacon slices served with a sweet-hot chili sauce$3.39
Mango Crab Bites: creamy crab with a tropical fruit salsa and Cayenne pepper bits on an Asian spoon$3.39
Crudités: bright and crisp veggies in a small glass with a handmade dill dip$3.39
Pork or Duck Wontons: wontons layered with orange-sautéed duck breast, roasted yams and fresh tropical salsa$3.39
Dim Sum Chinese Dumplings: shrimp and pork combination folded into a "purse string" soft wonton shell and tied off with chives$3.39
Steak & Bleu cheese Slider: marinated steak with crisp romaine lettuce and a creamy Bleu cheese spread$3.39
Beef Tenderloin Slider: balsamic marinated beef slices on mini handmade Kaiser knots with herbed cheese spread and crisp romaine lettuce$3.39
Crab Roll with Mascarpone cheese: crab and Mascarpone cheese encased in an egg roll with a hint of cayenne pepper$3.39
Caramel Mousse Cups: smooth caramel mousse in a mini chocolate cup topped with Heath bar crunches$3.39
French Macaroons: traditional French macaroon in bright colors with flavored filling (pistachio, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla and others)$3.39
Vacherin: meringue "nests" filled with various fresh fruits, topped with strawberry whipped cream$3.39
Mini Crème Brulee: traditional crème brulee in a Ramekin served with a fresh berry and dusted with Confectioner's sugar$3.39
Berries 'n Cream: fresh quadruple berry mix in vanilla bean sweet cream$3.39
Dessert BarPrice
Dessert Bar package: handmade thick and chewy brownies, bright key lime bar, and jumbo marshmallows with chocolate and crushed candy pieces decorated to match your colors$6.99

Menu items and prices subject to change without notice
Staffing charges and disposable ware are not included in the price. Inquire for details
Pricing is a la carte only


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With our appetizers you have many options: Go a la carte to mix and match the perfect array of small bites- the sky's the limit!

Complete Customization

Our appetizers are designed for your complete customization. Ask Chef Lou about flavor changes, accommodating common food allergies and even creating new items!

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"We wanted to thank you for being a part of our special day- we could not have asked for a more lovely reception! You were such a huge part of our day and we are so please with how the food turned out! I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we got on your food!" -Jenelle S.

"This was absolutely the most wonderful catering I have ever seen. Service was beyond compare and the food was elegant and tasted wonderful. I cannot rate savory high enough; they are off the scale on service, tasting great, and appeal. Love them and highly recommend them" -Margo K.