Savory at the Tower at Rice Eccles

Getting married this year? Or hoping to get married this year? Come to the Bridal Fair to start planning your wedding!

This Saturday Savory is going to be at the Bridal Fair from 10-5pm at the Tower at Rice Eccles. Stop by our booth to try some of our mouth-watering samples.

Our philosophy at Savory is to provide our customers with the freshest food, expertly prepared by a classically trained chef, exceptional service for every event, and all at reasonable prices.

A word from one of our customers:
“The one thing people couldn’t stop talking about from our wedding was just how amazing the food was! You did an absolutely incredible job that completely exceeded our expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we couldn’t have asked for more from you!” -Daphni P.

Life is too short to eat ordinary food. Book Savory for your wedding!

Fresh Herbs: Adding Flavor to your Dish

We believe in fresh herbs
Our goal at Savory is to have a depth of flavor to each dish; that’s why we hand make 98% of all our food in addition to using fresh herbs.
To use an analogy…using dry herbs is like having only one sparkler lit during a 4th of July celebration whereas using fresh herbs is like having the best fireworks display in the world. It really makes a difference!
Here are some of our favorite herbs:
Thyme. We all joke that we can never get enough “time” but at Savory, we really can’t ever get enough Thyme! It’s our favorite herb because it’s very universal and quite mild. When using, remember to get rid of most of the woody stalk, using only the leaves and pliable stems.
Italian parsley. This kind of parsley is much milder than the curly parsley you’re probably more familiar with. It goes well in most dishes. Cut off most of the stem at the bottom and chop up the rest to use.
Oregano. Its most modern use is in Italian cooking but it is used in all kinds of ethnic dishes. Tear the leaves off the stem and use to add flavor to any dish.
Sage. Its leaves are very soft and it is great in chicken dishes. Pull the leaves off the stem and chop from there.
 Basil. This is a spice you might be familiar with. It has a wonderful distinct smell. Tear the leaves off the stem and chop till your heart’s content!
Cilantro. One of my favorite herbs to use for Hispanic dishes. It has some citrus overtones which makes it go well with salsa and guacamole. Its aroma is one of my favorite smells. Cut off most of the stem and chop up the rest.
Taste the difference from ordinary to extraordinary by using Savory for your next party!

Magical Seasoning

I had a friend at Culinary school introduce me to Johnny’s seasonings.
 Like the label says, it’s pure magic.
 I mainly use Johnny’s when cooking meat but its uses extend to vegetable, home made fries, soups and burgers.
It’s important to salt and season your meat before cooking; it helps the seasoning become part of the meat rather than have it taste like meat with salt. I like to sprinkle Johnny’s on just before I start to cook the meat. You can also use other spice rubs but this one is already mixed! It works well on any kind of meat- beef, pork, chicken, and fish.
Simply seasoning the meat before cooking makes a big difference in the dish. Try it for your next meal and wow your tasters with its’ depth a flavor!

Food Topiaries

What’s trending right now in the culinary world?   
Edible topiaries.
Many topiaries come with a pot and have a rounded shape
Others, like this French Macaroon topiary is cone shaped. Love the bright colors!
This one is made out of meringue stars- very easy to make! All you need is a meringue recipe, food coloring, and a piping bag and tip.
Here are two that we made for a baby shower: These have edible glitter!
This one, out of brussels sprouts, is a little more subtle yet very elegant
These, from Martha Stewart, are made out of rock candy

The Bridal Fair

Saturday, February 2 is the Bridal Fair at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo.

You can essentially plan your entire wedding in one day! Savory will be there doing what we do best- sharing our passion of food by handing out delicious and unique food samples.

UVCC is located at 220 W Center St. Provo and runs from 11am-5pm.

Spread the word to those blushing brides.
  You won’t want to miss this!
Brides can pre-register here

Wedding Expo

Come see us at the Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Point this Saturday from 10-6!

Brides can even enter to win a Killer Chocolate Cake!

What’s On Your Menu?

Does Your Thanksgiving Menu include Salted Caramel Gelato?

Mmmmm…. sooo good.

New Name, Same Site

We’ve made some changes to our web address! 
But don’t worry, it’s simple to remember. The new URL is:
Stay tuned for more delicious posts!
In related news, our website recently got updated as well. Check it out!