Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Wedding


Just like your wedding dress, you want your wedding catering to be a perfect fit. In both of these wedding essentials there are many styles and options to choose from. Here, I will offer up a variety of styles to serve the catering for your wedding. At Savory we give you the choice because we want this day to be perfect for you.

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Meshing Elegant and Vintage


In July we catered a wedding where the bride did an excellent job in meshing vintage and elegant styles. She worked off a color palate of creams, pinks, tan, and accents of teal and gold which helped connect the two styles.


K decor 2

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Rustic Wedding in Hobble Creek


One of the prettiest places in Utah is Hobble Creek Canyon. It is beautiful mountain country just minutes away from Springville. In June, we had the opportunity to cater a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception up at the Hobble Creek Lodge. The lodge is nestled up against the canyon walls and has many beautiful landscaping features in addition to the massive house. The owners rent this space for family vacationers as well as weddings.

Front view of the Lodge

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Full Service Catering

Over the years we’ve heard many brides say, “I’m having my Aunt-so-and-so do the food for my weddding.” What many people don’t realize, is that catering is a lot of work. There are so many things and details to figure out and your wonderfully helpful Aunt may be too overwhelmed and stressed with everything that a wedding celebration requires.

Savory Catering Event Staff

We couldn’t run our events without such a wonderful and hard-working crew. Take a look into the things we do at your event

We make a great team!

Preferred Reception Center: Stewart Mountain Lodging

Cozy. Breathtaking. Romantic.

 The cabins at Stewart Mountian Lodging near Sundance is a perfect place to host a party.

Event Preparation

a BIG Thank you to my wonderful crew and my wonderful employees! Thanks to my family also, I wouldn’t be able to have this fantastic career without you.

Below are some preparation shots of the work that goes into an event.

fruit tart assembly line

“What are we going to do? We were promised the event center would provide more buffet tables?”
A lot of catering is about problem-solving last moment. No worries, the buffet turned out beautifully! I’ll post some finished shots later this week.

Salad prep

finishing touches on the blackened beef tenderloin sliders 

parfait assembly line

I truly love this, It doesn’t feel like a job. I am blessed to have such a supportive team!

Savory Potato Napoleons: with 4 cheeses and fresh herbs