“Suprise Me”


When said by a customer, the two words, “Surprise Me”, give Chef Lou delight! For a dinner in December, our customer let Lou take the reigns to come up with a wonderfully elegant plated dinner


fondue 1


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Improving Your Culinary Prowess


As some of you may or may not know, our Chef- Lou- had a mid-life crisis of sorts after working as a nurse for 20 years. She decided to follow her passion of cooking and enrolled in the culinary arts program at UVU.

At one point she said this about school, “I have cooked for my family for more than 20 years and I even did some small “catering” for close friends and family. I thought I was a good chef, but then I went to culinary school and found out how much I had yet to learn about cooking.”

Today Chef Lou is going to share some easy culinary tricks to ensure your meal is a hit!


Leah 7


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50th Birthday


Shh! It’s a surprise! Recently, one of our customers threw a surprise birthday party for her husband. She wanted to make a “big deal” out of it because he turned the ripe age of 50.  Although neither she or her were Asian, she wanted an Asian-influenced menu for the party. We even created some new dishes just for this event!


trina 13

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Sundance Picnic


For events in Utah, almost nothing beats the beauty,simplicity, and rustic elegance of the cabins around Sundance resort. The atmosphere fits any kind of party: corporate, family vacation, and even picnic buffets! Read about how one of our couples hosted a casual get together at such a stunning place.


em fri 12

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“You Must Have Been Born in the South”


On my last post I talked about the venue and decorations for our most recent wedding at Stoney Cattle Ranch in Heber, UT. If you missed it, read about how she combined a feminine look with the cowboy look.

Now lets get to the good stuff. Our bride recently moved from Alabama and she wanted the food to be a real Southern buffet. On the menu we had Fried Chicken, a Shrimp Boil, Blackberry Cobbler, Grits, and Coleslaw, along with other items. Most of the guests were out of town and stayed for the entire reception. We made sure the guests were well fed as they partied all night long.

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Teriyaki Chicken

We believe that life is too short for ordinary food.
Don’t eat that boring sandwich platter when instead you can fill your belly with

 Chicken Teriyaki

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Valentine Education

Fighting the masses to go out to eat on Valentines Day can be stressful. So why not have a night at home and eat a delectable meal by candlelight?

Our cooking class this week focused on a meal for just the two of you. The menu was fancy, familiar and finger-licking good! We started with handmade French Bread.

This bread recipe easily fit into a kitchen aid mixer.
We put our bread into these french bread pans, available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Orson Gygi, Williams Sonoma and many other stores.
Like any other bread, you must let it rise.

The bread was a little bit crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. We served it with some herbed compound butter: butter blended with other flavors, in this case, savory herbs!
We then started making our Salted Caramel Gelato
 Starting to caramelize the sugar.

Chef Lou showing us what scalded milk looks like.

 Adding the cream/milk mixture to the caramel. After mixing it together, put the batch in an ice cream maker. In about 15 mins you will have silky smooth ice cream!

 Our entree for the night was Breast of Chicken Florentine
 After breading the chicken in a 3-step process, we fried it on the stove

We then started on dessert: a pear frangipane galette
Frangipane is a term for a filling made from or flavored like almonds
galette is a term for a flat, round or free-form crusty cake
 Spread the filling on the flower shaped pate sucre dough, and arrange the cut pears
 Turn over the “flower petals” and you’re ready to bake it! We served it with a scoop of the salted caramel gelato
The entire meal was delicious! Now we can practice before the big day!
Our next cooking class is February 12th: Comfort Food night