This comfort food ain’t bland

Our cooking class this week was all about comfort food. These recipes were quite straightforward and full of flavor.

Our first flavorful fare was a handmade Caesar dressing. This recipe is very easy: add all ingredients, blend and serve.

Fact of the day: all Caesar dressings include anchovies and ours was no exception!

Remember to SLOWLY drizzle in the oil for your dressing so it can emulsify correctly. This is important so the oil and water molecules can actually stick together. 
We then started on Chef Lou’s newest creation, the Raspberry White Chocolate Bombe. This is a very simple recipe and can be kept in the freezer up to 2 weeks! Perfect if you’re hosting a party.
We first had to reduce the raspberry gelatin
 Then we melted our white chocolate chips. It had a beautiful pink color
 We then folded in real whipped cream. Don’t use fakey cool whip when the better tasting stuff is very easy to make.
We then put the mousse in the mold and let it sit in the freezer.
Once set, you can then frost the cake in whipped cream, press in the white chocolate shavings, garnish and enjoy!
Next, we started on the garlicky tri tip. Our meat has been marinating for 4 days in the fridge. We sprinkled it with salt…

 …then put on our topping, roasted it in the oven…

 …and topped it with sage whipped cream!

Next in line was the Gouda Cheese and Apple Soup– a Savory original!
After softening the apples we added the other ingredients, and while it was simmering we made parmesan crisps.
After sprinkling the parmesan in the molds we added black sesame seeds and toasted in the oven. We toasted our a little too much…
We then served the soup with the parmesan crisp garnish!
Our last recipe was another dessert: a Triple Chocolate Bavarian.
This has layers of brownies, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. 
We used two methods for garnishing. 1) before taking it out of the mold we drizzled a chocolate ganache on top. After that hardened we took it out of the mold. It has nice clean lines.
The other method is 2) take the Bavarian out of the mold and drizzle the ganache over and let it drip down the sides.
It’s so delicious you can’t wait to take a bite of it!

This class was especially delicious. Even though these are simple recipes, don’t take shortcuts because you’ll cut down on the quality and taste of the meal.

Everything you’ve seen demonstrated in these classes can be ordered for your next catered party! Call us today and we’ll help make your party a success.

This was our last class for a while. If you’re interested in taking a class, drop us a line and hopefully we can fit in some classes soon. Thanks to all those who came and we hope to see all of you- and even some new faces- next time!

Valentine Education

Fighting the masses to go out to eat on Valentines Day can be stressful. So why not have a night at home and eat a delectable meal by candlelight?

Our cooking class this week focused on a meal for just the two of you. The menu was fancy, familiar and finger-licking good! We started with handmade French Bread.

This bread recipe easily fit into a kitchen aid mixer.
We put our bread into these french bread pans, available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Orson Gygi, Williams Sonoma and many other stores.
Like any other bread, you must let it rise.

The bread was a little bit crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside. We served it with some herbed compound butter: butter blended with other flavors, in this case, savory herbs!
We then started making our Salted Caramel Gelato
 Starting to caramelize the sugar.

Chef Lou showing us what scalded milk looks like.

 Adding the cream/milk mixture to the caramel. After mixing it together, put the batch in an ice cream maker. In about 15 mins you will have silky smooth ice cream!

 Our entree for the night was Breast of Chicken Florentine
 After breading the chicken in a 3-step process, we fried it on the stove

We then started on dessert: a pear frangipane galette
Frangipane is a term for a filling made from or flavored like almonds
galette is a term for a flat, round or free-form crusty cake
 Spread the filling on the flower shaped pate sucre dough, and arrange the cut pears
 Turn over the “flower petals” and you’re ready to bake it! We served it with a scoop of the salted caramel gelato
The entire meal was delicious! Now we can practice before the big day!
Our next cooking class is February 12th: Comfort Food night

Appetizers for the Super Bowl Hall of Fame

As the Ravens and 49ers battle it out this Sunday, fans at home will be well fed, thanks to our most recent cooking class.  We focused on creating delicious finger foods and appetizers sure to please any spectator.

Naturally, we started with dessert! We made a Chocolate Chip Panna Cotta

You always taste your foods in case changes need to be made. In this case, it was perfect.
An Andes Mint is a great garnish for this dish
You can also put Panna Cotta in different containers
Then we started on Crab Cakes.
  This is a great option for dipping! Try pairing it with Mae Ploy sauce (pictured here), sour cream, or other sauces

 Our favorite appetizer of the night was the Pork Crostini. Chef Lou made this up one day and now everybody wants to have a mouthful! We’ve served it at our wedding shows and it’s been a big hit!

 Our next finger food is sure to be a crowd pleaser: Twice Baked Potatoes.
After baking the potatoes once, scrape out the insides and briefly whip up to make the filling
We decided it was high time we had another dessert so we made some  
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies
 Adding the raspberries to the cookie dough.
 These are so delicious right out of the oven!

 Our last appetizer is a Pizza Dip. This works best in a shallow pan and eaten with bread chunks, pita chips, or other cracker. This is perfect for those people that love to dip

Thanks to all those who came and have fun hosting your very own Super Bowl Party!

Education on Asian Cuisine

Last night we had our first cooking class of 2013. Our theme was Asian New Year.

We didn’t focus on one particular cuisine, but pulled from many different styles.

 We started out by making our Yellow Coconut Curry.
 Chef Lou talking about the benefits of chicken stock
We get up close and personal with our culinary education!
Smelling vindaloo- a blend of spices used often in Indian cooking.

Our finished dish of Yellow Coconut Curry. It was a mild curry with delicious coconut undertones with lots of crisp veggies, sweet mangos, and tender shrimp.
Next, Shrimp and Veggie Tempura!

 We fried all kinds of vegetables: sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, carrots, celery, cauliflower, and green beans. Even picky eaters will like these vegetables because they’re fried!
My favorite was the sweet potato. Which one was your favorite?
We then wrapped Crab Wontons and fried those. We experimented with using water and egg whites as the “glue” and then used different shapes. I love the “bishop’s hat” fold.

Of course, we got to eat the fruit of our labors!

Good eatin’!

Highlights reel

Cooking Classes for the New Year

Announcing cooking classes starting January 2013!

Here is a description of the classes offered:

January 22 “Asian New Year ” – Warm up with food that’s slightly spicy and very tasty!  This will be a nice change from all the heavy holiday foods we have been consuming. We will be making Thai yellow coconut curry with rice, crab wontons with hot chili sauce, veggie tempura, finishing it off with mango coconut sticky rice for dessert.
January 29 “Superbowl Palooza” – Learn recipes sure to put you in the party-throwing hall of fame! We will be learning twice-baked potato bites, lasagne cups, white pizza dip, coconut-lime crab cakes, raspberry-cheesecake cookies, and mini mint chocolate chip panna cottas.

February 5 “Valentines Dinner for your Sweetie” – Practice before the big day! We will be learning how to make breast of chicken florentine, Israeli cous cous with confetti, from-scratch french bread with a compound butter, and a pear-frangipan galette with a salted caramel gelato.
February 12 “Comfort Food Night” – Featuring garlicky beef with sage whipped cream, gouda cheese and apple soup with parmesan crisps, caesar salad with hand-made caesar dressing, and triple chocolate bavarians. 
You can sign up for any combination of the classes offered. Don’t wait to sign up for this wonderful opportunity- come have fun with us!
Don’t forget, you get to eat what you cook!

Recent Press

We are flattered by the Provo Daily Herald for meeting and visiting us during one of our community cooking classes!

Here is Chef Lou Crandall of Savory Event Catering showing how to make bacon-wrapped shrimp.

The theme for this particular cooking class was creative super bowl foods. As Debbie Balzotti of the Daily Herald writes: “Winter White Chili shots were a popular item. This bean soup is ladled into shot glasses and garnished with fresh cilantro, sour cream, grated jack cheese and tortilla strips.
“This gives you layers of flavor and the chips on top are so easy to make,” Crandall said. “The tortilla strip chips are made from jalapeno cheddar flavor wraps, which are basically just a large flavored Mission flour tortilla you can find anywhere. You slice them into quarter-inch-long strips and fry until crispy then flavor with salt before they dry.”

 Have you ever been to a cooking class where it’s just observation? Not at our classes! We love a hands-on approach– otherwise how are you really going to learn?
Registration for classes has already ended, but stay tuned for spring/ summer classes. We will post information on the Wild Chives blog.

Also, we do cooking classes for bridal showers, baby showers, bunco night, girls nights, birthday parties, corporate parties– we make it a fun activity! Contact us for more information.