Wedding Consultation


Weddings are such a special occasion that we want everything to be perfect for your special day. Our Chef likes to have a special consultation with each bride to make sure the food fits her various needs. Here is all you’ll need to know about consulting with our executive chef at Savory.

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Dessert Bar: Wedding Edition

On Saturday, our bride treated her guests with a full dessert bar from us. She had the reception at Cactus and Tropicals in Salt Lake City. Although we are on their preferred catering list, it was my first time at the venue- and boy it was beautiful! I loved the ambiance created by the plants, and the fresh smell was…well refreshing! Our bride went for a modern yellow and grey wedding and incorporated the chevron print (love it!)

She decided to play it sweet and serve a wide range of desserts. We served up three kinds of cookies: yellow sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate chip cookies;  three flavors of brownies: traditional, cookies ‘n’ cream, and mint; two types of gelato: salted caramel gelato and strawberry-peach; and topped it off with two drinks: a refreshing lemon-water and mango-pinapple Brazillian lemonade- a Savory original!

Tiffani W 10

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The Best of Both Worlds


I love the variety of styles and ideas that brides have for their weddings. It makes it so much more fun because each wedding is unique, especially when it comes to food. Chef Lou loves to design your unique menu to fit your style, taste buds, and budget.

One popular trend we’ve noticed with weddings are dessert bars. So. Cute. Desserts work well with coordinating with the style as well as switching up the flavor combinations- there are so many fun options! (What would we do without Pinterest??)

With all my praise of dessert bars, I love a variety of sweet and non-sweet foods even more. I get to have the best of both worlds!

 Chef Lou gives expert advice on this very topic:

Thanks BrideAccess for filming and editing this video!
What are some of your favorite things you’ve eaten at a wedding?

Menu Options: Beach Rustic Dessert Buffet

Whenever I consult with a new client, I like to understand what type of event, how many people, what type of ambiance they want to create, what their budget is before I hand out a standard menu.  The benefit of choosing Savory Catering Utah for your Utah wedding or Utah event is that we tailor your event menu for YOU! No two events are ever exactly the same. But, sometimes it is helpful to understand what is possible as a starting-off point.

Example of a Dessert Buffet Wedding Reception.
Theme of this event was rustic elegant comfort. The bride and groom were one fun, happy couple and wanted a “party” feel, more than a typical Utah reception.

  • Spring sorbet made from fresh Peaches and raspberries, served in chilled 4-1/4″ pie tin, garnished with a raspberry, mint leaf, and a heart-shaped cookie tuile.

  • Parfaits layered in clear shot glasses with pink guava gelee, freshly-whipped heavy cream, coconut pasty cream, and handmade poundcake.  Garnished with a striped pink cookie “straw” and pink chocolate crumbles.  Served with mini silver cocktail spoon.

  • Smores bar action station with plain, caramel, chocolate, coconut, and strawberry flavored marshmallows, toasted over the “fire”, then sandwiched between two chocolate graham crackers.

  • Mini 3″ triangle fruit tarts containing hand-made key lime pie filling, garnished with fresh blackberries and lime zest.

  • House recipe donut holes on a stick, garnished with freshly made orange cream glaze. 

  • House-made hot scones with whipped honey-butter, strawberry-plum jam and/or sugared cinnamon.

  • Beachcomber mocktail containing guava, pineapple, and citrus juices served in 8oz  Mason “canning jars” tied with a striped twine bow, and a sour-pink crystal rimmer.

  • Cold, frosty 2% milk served in 8oz Mason “canning jars” with stripe twine bow.

When we did this event in March 2012, let me tell you the milk + donuts were a hit! Everyone loved the Smores bar, especially the kids!