The Fine and the Familiar


Our bride a couple of weeks ago mastered the art of mixing vintage and elegant styles for her wedding reception in Sandy. She had a great balance between the styles and made a very inviting place for her guests. True to form, our bride continued the theme of mixing old and new with the food she chose; she decided to mix familiar items with fancy selections.



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Meshing Elegant and Vintage


In July we catered a wedding where the bride did an excellent job in meshing vintage and elegant styles. She worked off a color palate of creams, pinks, tan, and accents of teal and gold which helped connect the two styles.


K decor 2

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Passed Hors d’oeuvres


A few blog posts ago, I talked about a different kind of communication: food. The type of food- and how it’s served- conveys a lot about how you feel towards your guests. This also varies with different types of events.

For example, a buffet-style fare is perfect for a family party or informal gathering. However, for a wedding reception or a business gathering, it may not be the best choice for the style you’re going with. Perhaps you want to make each guest feel valued, special, and appreciated. Well, how about having your food served as passed Hors d’oeuvres?

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Elegance, Lace, Pearls and Grace


Within our team of wedding professionals, we have a presentation designer who designs the look of the presentation of the food. Whether you’re having a plated dinner or buffet-style appetizers, our tables are decorated to match your style, colors, and theme. Each table scape is personalized to the event and includes many personal touches.

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Preferred Reception Center: The Manor at the Riverwoods

The Manor at the Riverwoods is a gem.
The space is very elegant and roomy- perfect for proms, weddings, dances, or work parties. Clients can choose between the Garden and Grand Rooms, and rental comes with many amenities.
The Manor at the Riverwoods is perfect for those with with a sophisticated and elegant style. Our fine cuisine matches the room’s classy decor and it will make your evening unforgettable.