“Suprise Me”


When said by a customer, the two words, “Surprise Me”, give Chef Lou delight! For a dinner in December, our customer let Lou take the reigns to come up with a wonderfully elegant plated dinner


fondue 1


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Black, Gold, and Glitz


In December, we had the opportunity to serve a 12 course birthday meal for one of our clients. Chef Lou was given free reign over the dinner menu and so our event manager decided to go all out on for a glam and glitz look.


gold 9

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Family Dinner

We had all the kids over last night to celebrate my youngest’s 18th birthday!

My oldest daughter arranged these flowers

We have a tradition that the birthday girl/ guy eats on the “Special Plate”! everyone kind of groans when they use it, but its a funny way to say “we love you!”

My favorite thing about family dinners is FAMILY! You can tell we all have a great time when we’re together.

Haley has been asking for a ukelele! She got it.

On the menu: turkey-wrapped bacon, creamy risotto, green beans with hollandaise, berry salad with cardamom dressing, home-made rolls and a special strawberry mousse for dessert.