Eating with the Eyes


Food is a central part to any entertainment; most of our get-togethers with friends or family involve food.  Sometimes, it’s even used as bribery (community service projects, anyone?) There’s something about us humans that think “it’s not a party unless it has food!”

We at Savory understand the need for food, especially at weddings and corporate events. However, we take it to the next level and actually have the food be a source of entertainment.

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Also known as Craft Services

Besides the usual wedding reception or holiday work party, we had the chance to cater a movie shoot this week. They were filming up at the beautiful Johnson Mill Inn in Midway, UT.

It was very interesting being on a film shoot. When I was there, the kitchen was just behind the room in which they were filming. We were trying to get dinner ready at the same time, but everything- the oven fan, mixer, chopping apples on the cutting board- made too much noise for their sensitive mics. 
So after the director yelled “Cut!” we scrambled and tried to use all our noise making devices until we heard “rolling!”.  

 We make sure to bring all our supplies to the event!

In addition to providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we also provided the staff with a snack table.

 We had fresh fruit, granola bars, fruit snacks, chips, mixed nuts, trail mix, drinks, and chips throughout the day.

For dinner we served a berry salad with a sweet red onion dressing, herbed smashed potatoes, fresh green beans, 4 day marinated pork tenderloin with either a roasted red pepper sauce or a honey maple pecan sauce, and fresh parmesan rolls.
Our buffet was decorated with a rustic modern motif.




For dessert we served our signature Killer Chocolate Cake: dark chocolate cake with a milk chocolate butter cream frosting, a glassy ganache, and garnished with real whipped cream and raspberries.

AND we served our newest dessert, the Raspberry White Chocolate Bombe: raspberry and white chocolate mousse with raspberry inclusions over a moist white cake, frosted in real whipped cream and covered with white chocolate shavings

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the set. However I did snag one 
that proved we catered a movie shoot.

Baby Boy

We love themed parties. We love creating new and inventive food. Clearly, we just love food!

For one of our events we catered a baby shower. We had lots of fun incorporating the colors and creating bite-size food for the event.

Can you guess what gender the mother was expecting?

We made cute blue and white striped meringue stars with edible glitter.
We even made topiaries with the stars!

For the shower we made an original drink: “Rubber Ducky Mocktail”
It was a blue raspberry, “bubble bath” mocktail complete with a floating rubber ducky! 

Food Photoshoot

Here is something you don’t hear everyday: a food photo shoot
Back in November we had a photo shoot for our food! We had to pamper them as much as a fashion model would need but our models stayed silent the entire time.


 We picked the place with the best lighting. Our “studio” was a corner in a bigger room, had two windows, and light colored walls.
 Jessie would take many pictures at many different angles with a lot of different backgrounds and trays for each item. This is a picture of our Killer Chocolate Cake.

 Sometimes you have to get a little creative…

 Chef Lou is putting on the finishing touches. 
At Savory, we like to express our individuality through our aprons… 
What do you think Chef Lou is expressing?

 Jessie is rearranging a sample box lunch. Our box lunches are perfect for business meetings!

 Everything has to be perfect for the photo, hence, Chef Lou is 
trimming excess lettuce off this sandwich.

 We are using our resources here and re-purposing this white 3-form tray for bounce lighting

Here are the finished pictures. What do you think?

Killer Chocolate Cake

Our signature Killer Chocolate Cake

Multiple layers of moist semi-sweet chocolate cake and French silk butter cream frosting

Iced with more French silk buttercream frosting and lined with a shell border

 Topped with a glassy ganache and garnished with real whipped cream and fresh plump raspberries

 Each bite is like heaven for the taste buds. Perfect way to end a dinner or event!

 The Killer Chocolate Cake usually comes in a 9″ size. Appetizer-sized Killer Chocolate Cakes are also available- a great compliment to any buffet!

  Order the Killer Chocolate Cake for your event today!