The Fine and the Familiar


Our bride a couple of weeks ago mastered the art of mixing vintage and elegant styles for her wedding reception in Sandy. She had a great balance between the styles and made a very inviting place for her guests. True to form, our bride continued the theme of mixing old and new with the food she chose; she decided to mix familiar items with fancy selections.



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Food Topiaries

What’s trending right now in the culinary world?   
Edible topiaries.
Many topiaries come with a pot and have a rounded shape
Others, like this French Macaroon topiary is cone shaped. Love the bright colors!
This one is made out of meringue stars- very easy to make! All you need is a meringue recipe, food coloring, and a piping bag and tip.
Here are two that we made for a baby shower: These have edible glitter!
This one, out of brussels sprouts, is a little more subtle yet very elegant
These, from Martha Stewart, are made out of rock candy