A Cozy Christmas Party


During one of the big snowstorms in December, a small gathering of employees were enjoying a delicious appetizer spread from us. We served a variety of foods while the guests chatted and relaxed with one another.


cleo 4

Silver glitter Nutcracker decorations. With every service we provide a free decorated buffet to make your event spectacular

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Vintage at the Springville Art Museum


Stop! Don’t turn back because it’s “another vintage wedding”! This bride was described to “be vintage before it became a fad”. She pulled of the look very well and it just so happened to be in a gorgeous setting: The Springville Museum of Art.



rebecca 9


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Eating with the Eyes


Food is a central part to any entertainment; most of our get-togethers with friends or family involve food.  Sometimes, it’s even used as bribery (community service projects, anyone?) There’s something about us humans that think “it’s not a party unless it has food!”

We at Savory understand the need for food, especially at weddings and corporate events. However, we take it to the next level and actually have the food be a source of entertainment.

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A Grand Feast at Sleepy Ridge


At Savory, we believe that guests should never go hungry. They should eat as much (or as little) as they please and not have to worry about “running out”. One of our brides believes the same thing. So for her wedding reception in July, she chose many sweet and non-sweet items to keep tummies- and guests- happy.

Jordyn 30

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Quintero Wedding: Reception

Sarah, one of Chef Lou’s culinary school friends, had her wedding reception later that night. Throughout the night the room was filled with friends and family munching on delicious bites while catching up with each other. The room was gorgeous and so was the beautiful glowing bride.

The reception hall at the Fox Hollow Golf Course was a spacious and attractive room.

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Wedding Show

At each of the wedding shows, we like to show brides exactly what they’re getting. That’s why we give out delicious, mouth-watering samples like our pork crostini and blood orange pomtini 
 We also show brides an example of our buffet setup. We coordinate with the colors or theme of the reception to create one seamless, beautiful event. Here is a vintage modern buffet with a Tiffany blue color. Each food item is it’s own piece of art and it looks delicious on the buffet. 
We also add little touches like signage and fresh flowers.

Our giveaway prize for one lucky bride: our Killer Chocolate Cake. This is a multi-layer chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, a glassy ganache and garnished with raspberries. 

We would love to be a part of your event! Contact us today to book your event.

Tuiles and Frills

If you’ve read some of our past blog posts you may find a lot of terms that you 
don’t recognize or can even pronounce.

For example: “Amuse Bouche”, “Crudites” and “Tuiles”are all words or phrases we’ve probably never heard before, probably because you’ve never been to Culinary School. That’s because the French had a big influence on the development of the culinary arts and culinary schools today still use those French terms.

Tuiles. What are Tuiles and how do you pronounce it? Our American pronunciation of this French word might be more like “twill”. A tuile is thin, crisp, cookie or wafer used to garnish foods. At Savory catering we always garnish our foods, especially our desserts. It’s the “cherry on top” for the presentation.

Check out some of the Tuiles and other frills we’ve displayed on our food
 Striped cookie tuile on top of these coconut guava parfaits
 This salted caramel gelato has a chocolate cookie twist tuile
Our Cranberry Apple Crisp has a dried apple slice for a garnish 
The same “chocolate cigarette” is used on both of these desserts.

 This Blood Orange Pomtini has a glitter sugar rimmer and a cranberry garnish
 This Blood Orange Mocktail has a crisp tangerine frill for a fun “flower” effect.
More garnishes for mocktails can be seen on a previous post.

 This white chocolate shard was made especially with a “music transfer” for a bride and groom who had met in a music class
Our Chocolate Mousse Cups come with edible “steam”
This Prickly Pear Sorbet has two garnishes: it has a sugar shard and a wedge of dragon fruit
Chef Lou loves to create entertaining and inventive garnishes for all her dishes!

Menu Options: Beach Rustic Dessert Buffet

Whenever I consult with a new client, I like to understand what type of event, how many people, what type of ambiance they want to create, what their budget is before I hand out a standard menu.  The benefit of choosing Savory Catering Utah for your Utah wedding or Utah event is that we tailor your event menu for YOU! No two events are ever exactly the same. But, sometimes it is helpful to understand what is possible as a starting-off point.

Example of a Dessert Buffet Wedding Reception.
Theme of this event was rustic elegant comfort. The bride and groom were one fun, happy couple and wanted a “party” feel, more than a typical Utah reception.

  • Spring sorbet made from fresh Peaches and raspberries, served in chilled 4-1/4″ pie tin, garnished with a raspberry, mint leaf, and a heart-shaped cookie tuile.

  • Parfaits layered in clear shot glasses with pink guava gelee, freshly-whipped heavy cream, coconut pasty cream, and handmade poundcake.  Garnished with a striped pink cookie “straw” and pink chocolate crumbles.  Served with mini silver cocktail spoon.

  • Smores bar action station with plain, caramel, chocolate, coconut, and strawberry flavored marshmallows, toasted over the “fire”, then sandwiched between two chocolate graham crackers.

  • Mini 3″ triangle fruit tarts containing hand-made key lime pie filling, garnished with fresh blackberries and lime zest.

  • House recipe donut holes on a stick, garnished with freshly made orange cream glaze. 

  • House-made hot scones with whipped honey-butter, strawberry-plum jam and/or sugared cinnamon.

  • Beachcomber mocktail containing guava, pineapple, and citrus juices served in 8oz  Mason “canning jars” tied with a striped twine bow, and a sour-pink crystal rimmer.

  • Cold, frosty 2% milk served in 8oz Mason “canning jars” with stripe twine bow.

When we did this event in March 2012, let me tell you the milk + donuts were a hit! Everyone loved the Smores bar, especially the kids!