Food Photoshoot

Here is something you don’t hear everyday: a food photo shoot
Back in November we had a photo shoot for our food! We had to pamper them as much as a fashion model would need but our models stayed silent the entire time.


 We picked the place with the best lighting. Our “studio” was a corner in a bigger room, had two windows, and light colored walls.
 Jessie would take many pictures at many different angles with a lot of different backgrounds and trays for each item. This is a picture of our Killer Chocolate Cake.

 Sometimes you have to get a little creative…

 Chef Lou is putting on the finishing touches. 
At Savory, we like to express our individuality through our aprons… 
What do you think Chef Lou is expressing?

 Jessie is rearranging a sample box lunch. Our box lunches are perfect for business meetings!

 Everything has to be perfect for the photo, hence, Chef Lou is 
trimming excess lettuce off this sandwich.

 We are using our resources here and re-purposing this white 3-form tray for bounce lighting

Here are the finished pictures. What do you think?

food photography inspiration

loving the food styling from these bloggers.
the photography, style and recipes are all on my to-make list.
if you’re in the need for some serious foodtography inspiration, feel free to visit these links.

crisp white background but texture with wood slats. ready to be sliced and served. whole apples as garnish with linen tea towel for layers.

colored plate in complementary color. buttery shiny vegetables with herbs as garnish. macro shot. 

Rustic feel with vintage silverware. mason jar filled with herbs, half eaten bread. musty dark deliberate shadows all displayed on diagonal wood tray for interest.

I like how you can see the full acorn squash and full roasted brussel sprout. Vintage white china on maple table. Fork adds interest to overall simple design.

Macro photography, background is out of focus. 3 elements repeated on rectangular silverware. used the back side of a placemat, on wood table with earthy background color. 

glazed pear on 3 crepes. drizzle carmel sauce, display on ceramic bowl, linens, slate. Layer over rustic wood table top. Blue background and slate contrast nicely with the food colors to make the food shine.
If you want more inspiring things, take a look at Jessica’s Pinterest or Lou’s Pinterest
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