Calculating the Guest List


You’ve worked hard to compile addresses for all your friends and relatives, you’ve decided on what the invitations look like, and double checked the list to make sure no one was left out. Now, you have to figure out who will actually come to the wedding! Don’t worry, I’m here to help you determine your final guest list.


Fortunately this wasn’t the line for the food, just to “sign in”

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Wedding Planning Help: Partnerships

Sometimes planning a wedding can be stressful. I’ve had two daughters get married so I know what goes into planning a wedding. But don’t despair! We have something that will help you!
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Clarks Tuxedos and Wilson Diamonds!
These businesses are the best in their field and will help make your wedding perfect. They help make the planning less stressful so you can enjoy your day.
If you buy your engagement ring at Wilson Diamonds you can 
receive 10% off your order from Savory
Bring your Savory receipt in and receive either
$20 OFF any tux regularly priced above $74.95 or
$10 OFF any tux regularly priced up to $74.95
This can be applied to every tuxedo for your wedding. 
Available in Provo, Orem, American Fork, and their Taylorsville stores.

Event Buffet Planning

Before an event, we consult with you to determine your style, tastes, themes, favorite foods, season and budget. We develop a custom menu, and once the menu is determined we get to work on the planning and presentation! We have already decided which platters, bowls, plates coordinat with this clients’ style. We analyze the # of people, flow of traffic and menu items to decide what goes where.
Discussing with Haley… we ran into a minor problem and had to think quickly on our feet!

We have to consider which items must remain hot, what items are most popular, and how quickly we want to re-fill the plates. 

we do a lay-out of items flat on the table, then begin to add risers and levels.

the style now is more clean-lined. Not all the fabric bunching around hidden boxes you saw 10 years ago.

we use a combination of glass, acrylic, metal, mirror and black painted wood boxes for decor.

Linens were provided by others. Center (rose) floral arrangement was provided by others. We felt the buffet design needed more yellow elements so we stacked black rocks, meyer lemons, snap dragons, baby’s breath, and alstromeria flowers in tall rectangular vases. 

water-punch, slightly lemon flavored, slightly sweet and oh-so-refreshing!

white candlesticks, black candles, chandelier prints, all provided by Savory Event Catering. We also provided the black screen-divider. Paper fans provided by the event planner and design company.

these 1″ thick acrylic round shelves hold the parfaits. We stacked on a printed wood box, and had back-lighting. It looked great at night time, adds a great ambience to the space. 

Candles and crystal tea-light holders– which really sparkle!

Our wonderful Haley! We couldn’t do this without you!

Chef action station and savory hot foods
On Thursday we’ll show you how the buffet looks all dressed up and plated with food!
All images copyright Savory Event Catering