Bright and Colorful Winter Wedding


For these two love birds still in college, getting married in January before the semester started made the most sense. Having it dead in the middle of winter, however, doesn’t mean it has to be drab. See how this bride planned her wedding reception to dispel the winter weariness.


sydnee 15

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Watermelon and Malibu Blue at the Atrium


As September starts, there is an unofficial sense that “summer is over”. Pumpkin flavors start arriving, and the leaves start turning. Well it’s a good thing that this summery wedding took place on August 31st, just before “autumn” began!


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90th Birthday Celebration

Wally 17

90th Birthday Celebration


Some people still got it goin’ on, even at a ripe 90 years of age! Last week we were able to cater a big birthday bash in Salt lake. The party was held outside the birthday boy’s beautiful home on a gorgeous summer night

It doesn’t matter whether you’re turning 9 or 90, birthday parties should be filled with friends, family, and FUN! We filled our buffet table with easy-to-eat appetizers spanning a variety of flavors in addition to decorating with bright colors










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Picnic Nuptuals


We love original weddings! It’s fun for us to pair menu items with the theme in addition to decorating the buffet. This picnic theme really worked for the bride and for the venue too; it was in a beautiful backyard in Highland.

On the menu were our signature pulled pork sliders with optional “angry onions”…

Healthy Options


Catering food doesn’t have to be so rich and sugary that it leaves you feeling sick afterwards. That sounds more like an inexperienced chef obscuring the flavor rather than the ingredients speaking for themselves. Food should leave you satisfied and feeling good! We recently catered a business luncheon with a spread of healthy options.

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10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer… part 2


If you missed items 10-6 on this list, review them here: 10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer…part 1  

5. Since we’re a small company we treat you like our friend and not a number.

Trust us, we’re not the DMV. Our Chef gets to know each person and create a relationship with every one of our customers. We give our customers our full attention and strive to make your event our best one yet.

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Celebrating 80 years

No, the title does not refer to how old Savory is or any of it’s employees, but rather it’s because we recently catered an 80th birthday celebration.

We served handmade mango salsa with corn and guacamole tortilla chips


Delicious guava and coconut parfaits with pound cake crumbles and a cookie tuile

In keeping with the color scheme we had blueberry flavored water

A display table was set up highlighting some of his achievements and accomplishments  

Happy 80th Vern! 

Sliders! What are Sliders?

At Savory Catering, we craft a specialty sauce to go with each of our sliders.
NO you will NOT find mayonnaise and definitely not miracle whip here!
These are our #1 selling item, but we can craft any type: beef sliders, pastrami sliders, ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, vegetarian, falafel, mushroom… meet with us to determine your custom crafted menu today!