90th Birthday Celebration

Wally 17

90th Birthday Celebration


Some people still got it goin’ on, even at a ripe 90 years of age! Last week we were able to cater a big birthday bash in Salt lake. The party was held outside the birthday boy’s beautiful home on a gorgeous summer night

It doesn’t matter whether you’re turning 9 or 90, birthday parties should be filled with friends, family, and FUN! We filled our buffet table with easy-to-eat appetizers spanning a variety of flavors in addition to decorating with bright colors










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Mango Salsa

Not many people like to mention their obsessions, but we proudly declare that we are

 addicted to Mango Salsa.

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Buffet Fruit Display

Examples of a buffet fruit tray from Savory Catering in Utah

Dessert: Fruit Tarts

At Savory Event Catering, we fill our pastries with our house recipe vanilla pastry cream. We use real eggs, real cream and real vanilla bean to bring out the best flavors! 

We can incorporate many in-season fresh fruits, perfect for spring, summer and fall events! 

I love how the colors really stand out on the buffet table.

Dessert: Parfaits

We just love when our clients decide to serve parfaits at events.

We make with our house-made vanilla pastry cream, heirloom brownie recipe, chocolate cream, real whipped cream, and raspberry glaze.

Guava-Coconut Parfaits.

These are flavorful! The coconut is a great compliment to many tropical flavors.

These are so versatile, would work for many different events: weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, tropical parties, summer events.

Or what about a 4th of July party? 

Appetizers: Crab Cakes

Here at Savory Event Catering, we serve our crab cakes with a sweet chili sauce. 

Another option is lime creme fraiche, it adds a yummy zest to the crab cakes.

The outside is fried crispy but the crab inside is cooked perfectly moist and flaky– just the way a crab cake should be!

Bread: Foccacia

Our home-made foccacia bread receipe is the perfect combination of crusty parmesean and savory bread. We use freshly-sprinkeled herbs rounded out by a hint of onions and garlic. 
We bake it till it has a golden crispy crust, and yet the inside is oh so soft. 

Even though its italian in origin, it pairs well with so many different entrees. 

Other flavor combinations: roasted garlic + bleu cheese (great with a flank steak), kalamatta olives + thyme (great for greek inspired meals),  sauteed red onions + fresh rosemary (for traditional french cuisine), sun-dried tomato + asiago cheese (italian).