Baby Boy

We love themed parties. We love creating new and inventive food. Clearly, we just love food!

For one of our events we catered a baby shower. We had lots of fun incorporating the colors and creating bite-size food for the event.

Can you guess what gender the mother was expecting?

We made cute blue and white striped meringue stars with edible glitter.
We even made topiaries with the stars!

For the shower we made an original drink: “Rubber Ducky Mocktail”
It was a blue raspberry, “bubble bath” mocktail complete with a floating rubber ducky! 

Food Topiaries

What’s trending right now in the culinary world?   
Edible topiaries.
Many topiaries come with a pot and have a rounded shape
Others, like this French Macaroon topiary is cone shaped. Love the bright colors!
This one is made out of meringue stars- very easy to make! All you need is a meringue recipe, food coloring, and a piping bag and tip.
Here are two that we made for a baby shower: These have edible glitter!
This one, out of brussels sprouts, is a little more subtle yet very elegant
These, from Martha Stewart, are made out of rock candy