“Suprise Me”


When said by a customer, the two words, “Surprise Me”, give Chef Lou delight! For a dinner in December, our customer let Lou take the reigns to come up with a wonderfully elegant plated dinner


fondue 1


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Sliders! What are Sliders?

At Savory Catering, we craft a specialty sauce to go with each of our sliders.
NO you will NOT find mayonnaise and definitely not miracle whip here!
These are our #1 selling item, but we can craft any type: beef sliders, pastrami sliders, ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, vegetarian, falafel, mushroom… meet with us to determine your custom crafted menu today!

Family Dinner

We had all the kids over last night to celebrate my youngest’s 18th birthday!

My oldest daughter arranged these flowers

We have a tradition that the birthday girl/ guy eats on the “Special Plate”! everyone kind of groans when they use it, but its a funny way to say “we love you!”

My favorite thing about family dinners is FAMILY! You can tell we all have a great time when we’re together.

Haley has been asking for a ukelele! She got it.

On the menu: turkey-wrapped bacon, creamy risotto, green beans with hollandaise, berry salad with cardamom dressing, home-made rolls and a special strawberry mousse for dessert.

Sandwich: Turkey Foccacia

Oven-Roasted turkey breast, Muenster cheese, spicy chipotle aioli. This sure is a crowd-pleaser!

You can also order with extra vegetables: heirloom tomatoes, sauteed red onions, avocado, bacon.. whatever you desire!

We love it on our house foccacia bread!

Perfect for casual luncheons